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Firecrackers are the oldest and still one of the most popular China fireworks today. Our firecrackers can be used to drive away spirits and diseases as a symbol of auspiciousness in eastern thought or just as a fun experience on holidays or at festivals.
Accordingly, we strictly control the sound and the bursting rate of every single cracker to meet safety and sound requirements.



We are exquisite in making all-size rockets fireworks in different shapes. We make the rockets in paper or plastic tubes with tine heads or round heads. Its effect is exactly like the real rocket when they were set and fly high into the sky. It shakes up all audience minds when they burst and lighten the whole night. Please remember, rockets can be found best in Chinese fireworks..


Artillery Shell

Both teenages and adults are attracted by this traditional but modern packed fireworks product. There are many selections for artillery shells: round shells, canister shell, double shell, triple shell
Different packing: 12/12, 12/6, 20/6, etc. . There is usually one or two paper tubes (mortar) in the package. It must be used under adult's supervision.



Fountains are the most popularly used among all larger fireworks as It's not a problem for the ordinary to light them compared with display shells and rockets etc. People are likely to play them when they are in gatherings or weddings to stir up the atmosphere.


Display Shell

Display shells are one of the most popular fireworks displays at large festival fireworks shows & fireworks display. We can also supply a wide variety of artillery shells, also quite popular with fireworks experts.
Our display shells and artillery shells come in sizes ranging from 2"
to 8 " in a cylinder shape with one-bomb, two-bomb or three-bomb wound shells.




Music candle is a integration of creation,amusement and enjoyment,is a new production system of Liuyang.when you insert the candle in the cake,ignite the rung ,touch the pistil of the will eject beautiful fireworks and emblaze the candle automatised.and sing happy birthday melodious and the buds blooming.the eight candlepowers like a fully blown flower.Music also be called birthday candle, flower music candle,candle lotus, music birthday candle, birthday music candle, intelligent candle...




Confetti is made up of small pieces of paper or plastic which are usually thrown at celebrations, especially weddings. Confetti is made in a variety of colors, and commercially available confetti is available in imaginative shapes. A distinction is made between confetti and glitter; glitter is smaller than confetti (pieces usually no larger than 1mm) and is universally shiny, whereas confetti is usually not shiny.The simplest confetti is simply shredded paper, and can be made at home. Hole-punchers can be used to make small circles of confetti out of sheets of scrap paper. Most party supply stores carry both paper and plastic confetti.

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